• Help Students. Find Companionship. Get Extra Cash.

    With homesharing, you can have it all.

We specialize in connecting older homeowners to compatible and responsible young people.

As roommates, the pair shares housing expenses, chores and a friendship.

  • Share your Home and Help your Community

    Many students returning to school have found it challenging to find housing. By opening up a room in your home, you’ll help a student finish their education.

  • Don’t Lose Out on a New Friend—Or Some Extra Money

    All you need is an extra bedroom and an openness to meeting someone new!

OCH Membership Benefits

With your $25 a month membership, you can create a profile and start searching for your roommate match!

Become an Odd Couples Housing member and start your homesharing journey today.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited home listings

  • Personalized onboarding interview

  • Discounted background checks

  • Ongoing support from the Match Team

  • Access to our secure payment system

  • Homesharing resources

Odd Couple Amy and Yuki

“It’s nice to have someone to come home [to], and just have a sense that there’s someone in the home. I like that, it’s a great way to reduce loneliness in one’s life.”

– Amy, Homeowner

“This is a good experience because living here, I’m living with people and I can meet cats, so I don’t feel lonely. And it’s also very close [to] school and cheaper [rent].

– Yuki, Seeker and Fontbonne University Student