Homesharing is all about flexibility. 

Through homesharing, Homeowners and Seekers create the arrangements that meet everyone’s needs and that can adapt to changing circumstances. Unlike other living situations, when you opt to homeshare, you can move at your own pace and make choices to create a living arrangement that feels right to you. 

If you’re wondering how homesharing could fit into your life, here are four examples of how to tailor your homesharing experience to be just right for you!

1. Length of Agreement:

Signing a fixed,12-month lease doesn’t make sense for everyone. For example, students on an academic schedule or young professionals doing a short-term internship might need a more adaptable schedule. For Homeowners who want to give homesharing a try, a shorter 3 or 6 month agreement might be the perfect introduction. In fact, many of our homesharing agreements start with a shorter time frame and end up getting extended! 

With homesharing, you get to decide what makes sense for you, and adapt your agreement to fit your individual timeline.

2. Pets:

If you’re a pet parent, flexibility is great! Maybe you want a roommate who’s as enthusiastic about your cat as you are. Maybe you want someone who can feed your fish while you’re out of town. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to live with a dog, but aren’t ready for the responsibility on your own. Homesharing is a great way for Homeowners to find a roommate who is on the same page when it comes to pets and for Homeseekers looking for a pet-friendly home!

Whether you’re a pet person or not, homesharing provides plenty of options for you to find a great match! In fact, Odd Couples Housing allows you to filter the matches you see based on pet preference compatibility.

3. Homesharing Expenses:

When it comes to cost, homesharing offers opportunities to meet everyone’s needs. Homeowners have the flexibility to modify homesharing expenses based on how household chores are split or other factors that may be important to them. And Homeowners and Seekers can negotiate a financial arrangement that makes sense for their specific situation. And don’t worry, our Homesharing Agreement can help guide that conversation! 

Often, Seekers end up spending less than they would on a traditional apartment and Homeowners get some extra money in their pockets each month–it’s a win-win!

4. Connect with Potential Roommates on your Schedule

With online homesharing platforms, you can create your profile, browse options, and contact your matches at your leisure. You can update your profile, send a match request, or browse available homes with just a few clicks, any time of day or night. Homwharing makes finding a compatible roommate convenient!

If you’re looking for a just-right-for-you living situation, homesharing might be the solution. You can adapt your arrangement to meet the needs of your lifestyle, personality and budget. Plus, your homesharing experiences can grow with you! 

The Odd Couples Housing sign-up process includes a questionnaire that can help connect you to the matches who are most likely to fit your needs. Get started today!