Food for Thought: An Introduction to Homesharing for Homeowners

Sharing your home with someone new is a big decision, and finding the right roommate is crucial to ensuring a happy home life. As an intergenerational roommate-matching service, we pair compatible older and younger adults to live together and share expenses.

Here are 5 ways our roommate matching service can help you find your perfect housemate.

1. Greater access to people in your area

List your home and connect with our diverse network of Seekers right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. When you sign up, you’ll have access to a wide range of profiles to view at your own convenience. And, we’ve made the process even easier with a simple system that puts you in charge!

2. Detailed compatibility questions

The Matching Questionnaire you fill out on your profile is designed to help you find a housemate that will be a good fit for you and your lifestyle. For example, if you’re allergic to cats, you’ll never be matched with a Seeker who has three kittens! Or if you strongly prefer a roommate who doesn’t smoke, we’ll be sure to only send people who don’t smoke your way. When you fill out your profile, you provide us with the information we need to find Seekers who are more likely to be compatible with you.

3. Shared living tips and tricks

If you’ve never lived with a roommate, or if it’s been in a while, it can be hard to know how to approach the process of living with another person again. You may feel excited to have a housemate, but unsure about how to set you both up for success. Our Matching Team provides guidance on topics you may want to address with a potential housemate. We can help you think through what questions you might want to ask in an initial meeting, how to approach expense-sharing, and even how to coordinate move-in!

Having the Match Team to support you as you move forward with this exciting process is an important reassurance for many homeowners.

4. Discounted background checks

You’ll have the opportunity to meet Seekers in person or through video chat before deciding if you’d like to move forward with a match. Some of our Homeowners prefer to know even more about a Seeker before they move in. One way to learn more about a person is through a formal background check. Odd Couples Housing partners with a background screening specialist, to provide discounted background checks to participants.

5. Ongoing support from our Match Team

People look for a variety of things for their housing—convenient location, affordable price, comfortable space. While these are important components of housing, with homesharing, there is another important piece: the relationship.

The Seekers from OCH are not just looking for a place to live. Many of them are looking to build a friendship and learn from you. Some of our Seekers are international students who are motivated to learn about American culture and practice their English. Many others are young professionals who want a friendly place to call home. With Odd Couples Housing, you can find someone who is as excited about intergenerational housing as you are!

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