Fall leaves being raked

Welcome to Fall!

The days are getting chillier and pumpkin spice products are filling the shelves…fall is officially here! How are you celebrating the season and preparing yourself for winter? 

For homeowners, fall is an especially important time to take care of the household tasks that need to be done before cold weather arrives. It’s a great time to winterize, clean up, and do routine home maintenance  to keep the house running smoothly. 

The to-do list might feel daunting at first, but chores don’t need to be a hassle! Household tasks are always more fun when you have some company (and another set of hands!), so consider asking a roommate, friend, or family member for some help. In particular, enlisting the help of a roommate can be a great way to spend some time with each other and work together towards a common goal that will benefit you both. The two of you will feel accomplished when you can settle into a cozy and safe home this winter!  

Here’s a list of fall chores you and your roommate might tackle together:

  • Yard and Outdoor Spaces

    • Move potted plants that won’t survive the winter indoors
    • Plant bulbs for spring blooms
    • Cover patio furniture or move it into storage
    • Rake leaves
    • Check your trees and shrubs for branches that could cause damage in a winter storm 
    • Shut off sprinkler systems, outdoor faucets, and other water sources that might freeze
  • Indoor Tasks

    • Check your house for drafts and leaks
      • Place door draft stoppers under exterior doors or anywhere cold air can enter (tip: making your own door draft stopper is another great roommate activity you can do together)
      • Swap out door/window screens for storm windows
      • Caulk any window leaks
    • Do a visual inspection of your home, roof and property and address any damage
    • Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and change their batteries
    • Make a plan for snow removal (if your roommate is helpful with this, set expectations around how quickly shoveling will occur after a snowfall)

There’s a lot you and your roommate can do together to help prepare your home for the winter. But there are some tasks where you might want to call a professional for help. These tasks might include:

  • Call in Reinforcements

    • Gutter maintenance: Keeping the gutters unclogged can prevent bigger problems down the road. 
    • Fireplace inspection: Having a clean and safe fireplace will give you peace of mind when you cozy up to your fires this winter.
    • Tree trimming: If you noticed any concerning trees or shrubs in your own inspection, call a professional to safely assess and remove them.
    • HVAC and AC inspections: Checking filters regularly and getting an inspection early in the season can save you from getting caught without heat on a cold day!

Enjoy your Winter-Ready Home

After you’ve finished with your winter-proofing tasks, don’t forget to thank your roommate for their help and to do something fun and seasonal together! Celebrate your hard work by cooking a pot of warm soup, going apple picking, or enjoying a movie night at home.

Interested in finding a roommate? Start your homesharing journey today!