A fresh take on roommate living, homesharing is when two unrelated people live together and split household expenses. It’s a win-win for people seeking affordable housing, typically younger adults, and those who need a little extra support to live on their own.

With the help of a roommate matching service like ours, homeowners can offer their extra space to seekers at low cost in exchange for an agreed-upon level of support (things like household chores, transportation, house or pet sitting, etc.).

Homesharing: A Growing Trend for Baby Boomers

Let’s face it: we’re living longer than ever before. And as more adults want to age in place, young people are struggling to find an affordable place to live. Luckily, shared living experiences can help remedy the nation’s housing crisis as well as the pitfalls of a rapidly aging population.

America’s aging population is unprecedented.

Here are some fast facts on aging in the U.S.

  • Over 100 million people are 55 or older — a rapidly growing number, PRB
  • 76 percent of adults over the age of 50 want to remain in their current homes, AARP
  • Older people are more likely to live alone than anywhere else in the world, Pew Research Center

Shared Living. Connecting Generations.

Our mission is to connect generations, giving both older and younger adults the chance to positively influence their communities while enhancing their own lives.

Staying socially connected is more important than ever. And although social media and digital technology have helped, many people are continuing to feel lonely and isolated, especially our older and younger populations.

Luckily, homesharing not only helps ward off loneliness, but it also offsets housing costs in an extraordinarily expensive market — providing both financial and emotional relief.

Intergenerational living is beneficial at any age. For example, it:

  • provides reliable assistance in the home
  • promotes lifelong learning as well as an understanding and appreciation of different generations
  • helps form meaningful relationships through shared activities like cooking, listening to music, watching movies or playing games
  • offers security and peace of mind knowing that help is there when you need it

Homesharing is good for your community.

“Helping those young adults and students afford a safe, comfortable place to live while allowing both generations to give back, have assistance with chores, a little extra spending money, new energy in their house, and peace of mind for their family is our goal.”

— Erin Loughrey, Director of Colorado Development at Odd Couples Housing

Together, we can create a sustainable future by bringing generations together.

Roommate Matching: How It Works

We make it easy to find your perfect housemate — whether you’re a homeowner with too much house or seeking a less expensive place to live (or know someone who does!).

With our proprietary matching algorithm and the personal assistance of our highly skilled Match Team, you’ll be connected to the right people who fit your lifestyle and personality.

Find your ideal roommate in four simple steps:

    1. Complete Your Profile
      Homeowners list available rooms. And seekers describe their ideal home. The both complete a questionnaire to help identify compatible housemates.
    2. Find Your Match
      First, seekers select potential homeowners. Then homeowners decide who’s most compatible.
    3. Meet Your Match
      We’ll schedule an introductory meeting for the two of you, plus a tour of your new home.
    4. Move In!
      You both must sign a living arrangement agreement that includes suggested guidelines and expectations.

Learn more about roommate matching here.

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