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What is Odd Couples Housing?

With housing expenses on the rise, whether you’re paying off student loans or living on a fixed income, locating a place to live that feels like home can be difficult.

Odd Couples Housing is a solution for older adults with an extra room in their home, and young adults looking for an affordable place to live.

We match compatible older and younger adults to live together and share expenses. This arrangement makes it possible for older adults to stay in their homes as they age, and for young adults to find a safe, affordable place they can call home.

Sharing Expenses

Joining the Odd Couples Housing family offers financial benefits to the Homeowner and Seeker through expense sharing. Both parties agree on shared expenses like utilities, phone, internet, and cable services that the Seeker pays monthly to the Homeowner.

Homeowners and Seekers may also agree on services that can further reduce the amount of shared expenses paid by the Seeker. Examples of tasks include yard work, grocery shopping, driving, and technical computer support.

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“I went with my gut. She’s a very independent, self-sufficient person. I didn’t need a kid to raise,” said Price. “Odd Couples really does a perfect job of matching people.” 

PatHomeownerRiverfront Times

“It’s a really good option. It’s cheaper than having a place of your own and you only have to do normal chores you’d do on your own,” said Gavilanes. “You don’t sign a lease. You’re there for as long as you both want.”

ErikaCollege Student Webster-Kirkwood Times

“It sure is nice to have somebody carry things up and down the stairs for me. And it’s really nice to have somebody come home at the end of the day and say, ‘Hey, how was your day?’ As a widow you don’t have that. So it’s a good situation.” 


“I knew that by moving in with someone who is a native English speaker, I would be forced to speak in English; which will help improve my oral English communication, something I struggle with.” 

BaoxiaCollege Student

“To  have her in the house by herself was not optimal, though she’s tremendously independent. It really wasn’t so much a companion she wanted; it was that she liked to have someone in and out of the house,” said Mallinkrodt. “Annie was either the third or fourth potential match. The others were not what mom was interested in. That was the beauty of (the Odd Couples system.) Both parties have a say.” 

PJHomeowner’s DaughterWebster-Kirkwood Times

“She asks me, ‘How are your grades? What are you studying? Do you know what’s happening in the U.S. right now?’ We discuss it all.”

NageshCollege StudenttheSTL

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lauren of Odd Couples Housing. She was so accommodating and helped us work it out when we were not quite close enough on some issues. My new roommate is so helpful and so easy to have in my house. I love the program!” 


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